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Списък на оригинални версии

От на August 31, 2013 / 09:57 / 19 прегледа
Tupac – 4 My Niggaz with Storm
Tupac – All Out (Original Version) with The Outlawz
Tupac – Bitches with.Greg Nice,Capitol L.S,Asu,Snoop dogg
Tupac – Black Cotton (Original Version) with Mouse Man
Tupac – Black Jesus (Original Version) with The Outlawz
Tupac – Brothaz At Arms with Buckshot
Tupac – Bury Me A G (Solo Version)
Tupac – Can’t Fade Me with Kastro,Napolean,Storm
Tupac – Catchin’ Feelings (Original Version)
Tupac – Cause I Had 2 aka Po Nigga Bluez (Original Version) with Govenor
Tupac – Coast II Coast with Capital LS, Greg Nice & Asu
Tupac – Confessions (Alternate Intro) (Original Version) with Bizzy Bone
Tupac – Cradle 2 The Grave with Thug Life & Moe Z.M.D
Tupac – Danger Times
Tupac – Days Of A Criminal
Tupac – Don’t Call Me Bitch
Tupac – Don’t Go 2 Sleep with E.D.I,Hussein Fatal
Tupac – Don’t You Trust Me (Original Version) feat.Dave Hollister and Roneice
Tupac – Don’t You Trust Me (Alternate OG) feat.Dave Hollister and Roneice
Tupac – Don’t Go 2 Sleep (Original Version) with The Outlawz
Tupac – Don’t Sleep (Original Version)feat.EDI,Napolean,Kadafi,Kastro,Nutt-So
Tupac – Enemies With Me (Original Version)ft. Live Squad & Dramacydal & Sh’Killa
Tupac – Everything They Owe (Original Version)
Tupac – Fade Me (Original Version)
Tupac – Fair Xchange (Original Version) feat.Jewell
Tupac – Fake Ass Bitches (Original Version) with Yanni
Tupac – First 2 Bomb (Original Version) with The Outlawz
Tupac – Friends (Original Version)
Tupac – Fuck All Y’All (Original version)
Tupac – Fuckin’ With The Wrong Nigga (Original Version)
Tupac – Fuck’Em All (Original version) feat.Outlawz
Tupac – Ghetto Gospel (Original Version)
Tupac – Ghetto Star (Original Version) with Nutt-So
Tupac – Good Life (Original Version) with Big Syke & Edi
Tupac – Happy Home (Original Version)feat.Faith Evans
Tupac – Hell 4 A Hustler (Original Version ) with The Outlawz
Tupac – Hellrazor (Original Version 1) Feat.Big Stretch
Tupac – Hellrazor (Original Version 2) Feat.Big Stretch
Tupac – Hennessey (Original Version) with Big Syke & Mopreme
Tupac – High Speed (Original Version) with The Outlawz
Tupac – Hit Em Up (Original Version) (aka Hit Em Up II) with The Outlawz & Prince Ital Joe
Tupac – Holler If Ya Hear Me (Original Version) ft. Live Squad
Tupac – Homiez And Thuggs(Pac’s Verse)(Unreleased Version)
Tupac – House Of Pain (Original Version) withStretch & Biggie
Tupac – How Do U Want It (Original w/Pac doing verse)
Tupac – I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto (Original Version)
Tupac – I’m Losin It.(Original Version) with Big Syke, Spice 1
Tupac – If You Really Want It (Let Em Have It Original Version) with Jewell & Storm
Tupac – Judgement Day (Original Version) with Dee Tha Mad Bitch, Mopreme & Stretch
Tupac – Just Watchin’ (feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound, Charlie Wilson)
Tupac – Killing Fields feat.Young Thugz (Original Version)
Tupac – Komradz (aka So So Krazy) with EDI,Napoleon,Big Syke
Tupac – Lastonesleft (Original Version) with The Outlawz
Tupac – Late Night (Original Version) with DJ Quik & AMG
Tupac – Let’s Fight with The Boot Camp Click, Greg Nice, Asu, The Luniz, Capital LS & The Outlawz
Tupac – Let’s Get It On (Dedicated Mike Tyson)
Tupac – Letter To The President (Original Version) with The Outlawz & Big Syke
Tupac – Letter To My Unborn (Original Version)
Tupac – Lie To Kick It Freestyle
Tupac – Life’s So Hard (Original Version)
Tupac – Lil Homies (Original Version) with Danny Boy & Val Young
Tupac – Lost Souls (Alternate Version) with The Outlawz
Tupac – Loyal To The Game (Original Version)
Tupac – Made Niggaz(Original Version) with Outlawz
Tupac – Military Mind (Alternate Version) with The Boot Camp Click
Tupac – Military Mind (Original Version) with The Boot Camp Click
Tupac – My Closest Road Dogs (Original Version) with Big Syke
Tupac – My Block (Original Version)
Tupac – My Dying Dayz ft.Outlawz
Tupac – My Own Style with The Outlawz & Greg Nice
Tupac – Never Be Peace (Original Version) with Danny Boy, Marvaless & Storm
Tupac – Never Had A Friend Like Me(Original Vesrion)
Tupac – N.I.G.G.A. (Original Version) with Mouse Man & The Wyked
Tupac – One Day At A Time (Original Version) with Spice 1
Tupac – One Nation with The Boot Camp Click
Tupac – Only Fear Of Death 1(Original Version)
Tupac – Only Fear Of Death 2(Original Version)
Tupac – Only Move For Money (Original Version)
Tupac – Open Fire (Original Version)
Tupac – Out On Bail (Original Version)
Tupac – Pac’s Life (Original Version)
Тupac – Pain (Original Version)
Tupac – Penitentiary Bound feat.Outlawz,Prince Ital Joe
Tupac – Panther Power (Original Version)
Tupac – Play Your Cards Right with The Outlawz, Mopreme, Big Syke, K-Ci & JoJo
Tupac – Ready 4 Whatever (Original Version) with Big Syke
Tupac – Representin’ For Ron G with Stretch, Keith Murray & It’s Alive
Tupac – Resist The Temptation
Tupac – Road To Glory ( Mike Tyson Dedication)
Tupac – Runnin’ (Me Against The World Version) with The Notorious BIG, Stretch & Dramacydal
Tupac – Runnin OG version Version 2 with Diana King
Tupac – Runnin OG version Version 3 with Bunju Banto
Tupac – Runnin’ On E (Original Version) with The Outlawz & Nutt-So
Tupac – R.U.Still Down?(Original Version 1)
Tupac – R.U.Still Down?(Original Version 2)
Tupac – Secrets Of War (Original Version) with The Outlawz
Tupac – So Many Tearz (Original Version) feat.Stretch
Tupac – Soon As I Get Home (Original Version) with Kadafi
Tupac – Starin’ Through My Rearview 2 aka Grab The Mic
Tupac – Static (Original Version)
Tupac – Streetlife with Prince Ital Joe & Snoop Doggy Dogg
Tupac – Still I Rise (Original Version) with Kadafi & Fatal
Tupac – Street Fame II (Original Version)
Tupac – Sucka 4 Love (aka Do For Love Original Version) with G-Money
Tupac – Tattoo Tears (Original Version) with The Outlawz
Tupac – Tearz Of A Clown
Tupac – Teardrops & Closed Caskets (Original Version) with The Outlawz
Tupac – The Struggle Continues with Big Syke, Hussein Fatal & O.F.T.B.
Tupac – They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us (Original Version) with The Outlawz
Tupac – The Uppercut (Original Version) with Sista Souljah
Tupac – This Life I Lead (Original Version) with Nuttso, Gonzoe & Tha Dogg Pound
Tupac – Throw Your Hands Up
Tupac – Thug Bitch (Original Version) ft. Storm
Tupac – Thug’N’Me Thug’N’U (Original Version) with Jewell
Tupac – Thugs Get Lonely Too (Original Version Remix) with Tech N9ne
Tupac – Thugs Get Lonely Too (Original Version) (Solo)
Tupac – Thug Life with Young Thugs aka Dramacydal
Tupac – Thug Luv (Original version) Feat.Sylk-e-Fyne
Tupac – Thugz Mansion (Original Version)
Tupac – Thug style (Original Version)
Tupac – Thug 4 life (Original Version) feat Stretch
Tupac – Tongue Kissing
Tupac – Too Late Playa feat.MC Hammer,Danny Boy,Nutt-so,Big Daddy Kane
Tupac – Troublesome ’92
Tupac – Toss It Up (Original Version)
Tupac – Troublesome ’96 (Original Version)
Tupac – U Can Be Touched (Original Version) with The Outlawz,C-Knight
Tupac – U Can Be Touched (Original Premix Version) with The Outlawz & C-Knight
Tupac – U Don’t Have 2 Worry (Original Version) with Storm, Young Noble, Kastro & Kadafi
Tupac – Um Dumpin’(Original Version) Feat Gonzoe, Kurupt, Scarlo and Nutt-so
Tupac – Unconditional love (Original Version)
Tupac – Until The End Of Time (Original Version) with 6.9.
Tupac – Untouchable Freestyle
Tupac – What’z Next (Original Version) feat.Big Syke,Mopreme Shakur & Prince Ital Joe
Tupac – What I’ll Do For Love
Tupac – What Goes On with Mouse Man & The Wycked
Tupac – Whatcha Gonna Do (Original Version) feat. Storm
Tupac – Whats Next with Big Syke, Mopreme & Prince Ital Joe
Tupac – When Thugz Cry (Original Version)
Tupac – When I Get Free (Original Version)
Tupac – When We Ride On Our Enemies (Original Version)
Tupac – When We Ride On Our Enemies (Mike Tyson Dedication)
Tupac – Where Will I Be (Kadafi feat. 2Pac & Young Thugz-with unreleased Pac verse)
Tupac – Wherever U R with Big Daddy Kane
Tupac – Who Do U Luv (Original Vesrion) with Stretch
Tupac – Who Do You Believe In (Original Version) with Kadafi
Tupac – Who Do You Believe In (Original Version) with Kadafi & Big Pimpin’
Tupac – Why U Turn On Me (Original Version)
Tupac – Words To My First Born (Original Version) with Nutt-So
Tupac – Worldwide Mob Figgaz (Original Version) with The Outlаwz & Big Syke
Tupac – World Wide Stampede aka Time After Time with Bustop,Flip Side,Mich’elle,Kurupt,Low MB,Kadafi
Tupac – Y’all Can’t Stop Us (Original/Remix Version 1) with E.D.I,Hussein Fatal,Val Young

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